Autobigraphical books about modern day polygamy
Mary Mackert
The Sixth of Seven Wives, Escape from Modern Day Polygamy 
is the most unique story written about modern day polygamy. 
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Meet a young girl born into a family rich in the history and traditions of fundamental Mormonism, including the practice of polygamy.  Enter the private thoughts and feelings of this young seventeen-year-old girl as she faces an arranged marriage to a man old enough to be her father.  Love and passion did not bring this couple together, but religious duty dictated this union.
Witness her struggles with the sister wives and her efforts to win her husband's affections.  Experience the betrayal of her love.  Relive the circumstances that compel her to leave and emotions that bind her to the children, her husband and the "religious" teachings.  

Escape with her and witness the blood atonement threats, the fearful "wrath of God" preaching, and emotional pressures designed to persuade her to stay.  Rejoice in her courage to choose freedom while risking the loss of life's sweetest gift.
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