Media coverage of some polygamist families has presented a happy, harmonious, and healthy family environment for raising children.  Those living this "lifestyle" are deceived.  There is nothing harmonious or healthy about growing up in such a family. 
Enjoy the childhood antics in this large polygamist family where the children grossly outnumber the parents.  See the unhealthy methods the parents used to gain control and prime examples of the far-reaching and damaging effects of these methods.
Read the detailed account of the 1953 raid on Short Creek, Arizona, through newspaper publications and a complete reproduction of the feature article in Life Magazine on the author's family following the raid.  The author will bring insight to the public pressures that haulted the government prosecution of polygamists and laid the foundation for a "look the other way" policy that hinders prosecution of polygamists today.
The polygamist family environment is dysfunctional and exhibits the same dynamics as the alcoholic or drug abusive family.  The same rules that govern these dysfunctional families are estabished in polygamist families.  Read of the author's childhood experiences that create vivid and distincitve parallels demonstrating the similarities between the dysfunctional famiy and the polygamist family.
Autobigraphical books about
growing up in modern day polygamy
Mary Mackert
Wounded & Scarred
Growing up in Modern Day Polygamy